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24th February 2005

11:49pm: When i say im in love you best believe im love, L-U-V
Final Fight
others TBA
@the loft March 19, 2005

Daniel chun you better come to this show, if not for me, at least for Dan Dan

23rd February 2005

2:05pm: My neck, my back... my neck and my back
It's been a while (Staind) since i've been on herrr. I went to Santa Cruz over the weekend via Greyhound to hang with my #1 lady kel. On the way home two shady mexicans started brawling on bus. It was pretty sweet because it was raining outside and the bus driver was swirving to see what was going on. Then i got off in SB and the cops were there and it turns out one of the mexicans had a couple knives in his bag. But i mean c'mon, what mexican riding the bus doesnt carry acouple weapons with 'em. Thanks russ danX2 travis and tim for show.

11th October 2004

9:10pm: Your face is a rape scene
Im seeing Hot Water music on saturday. Hayley and Marshall's birthdays are tomorow. I chain smoke, and chun flosses his ass with chains. I pick flowers and smell them, chun picks fat kids for his sexual preference.
Current Mood: fuck you

10th October 2004

4:35pm: Chun
Chun, like most asian fags, has a nasty pair vagina eyes. So since halloween is coming up, fuck you chun. You can put a maxi pad over your eye and look like a pirate except that your people dont have boats, you float around on basketballs. Just kidding chun, rock & egg-roll.

2nd July 2004

9:35pm: How 'bout i blow my load on your maxi pad
Hey kids. Can someone hook me up with the email addresses to the dudes who book shows at the Livery and/or the Loft so i can give them to Kill Your Idols' booking guy. They are coming to California this summer and want to play in the 805.

15th June 2004

11:44am: The versailles shows coming up are gonna be dope. im graduating high school today. I pretty happy about not having to worry about getting mad wood in 1st period anymore. So assholes, lets celebrate tonite with a couple drinks and dirty jokes. Let me know if any body wants to start a metal core band this summer... im out
Current Mood: fuck you

14th June 2004

5:01pm: 69
Im dave. add me or ill sock you.
Current Mood: okay
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